NANOSTONE is an innovative technology protection of natural stone, concrete and other mineral surfaces. With a careful view on safety of animal and human health, as well as, the environment, NANOSTONE coatings were created on the basis of water and silicon compounds - does not contain any solvents! Moreover, the coatings contain "smart" nano-materials that react chemically with the hedged surface, not creating a "sticky not preamble” layer. Through the reaction of molecules of the coating, steam-permeable layer creates protection which very effectively guards stone or concrete from harmful physical and chemical agents. Application of nano-particles allows for full penetration into the interior structure of stone or concrete, which greatly increases the effectiveness of protection. NANOSTONE coatings do not change the look or color of the treated surface.



NANOAUTO offers a range of NANOAUTO products for the automotive industry. Our company's flagship product is a NanoWiper, which found thousands of satisfied customers. 

NanoWiper nanocoating is aimed at modifying the surface of the glass giving it super-hydrophobic properties. As a result, you get the window that allows you to ride in the rain without using the wipers. As a result of numerous tests, it turned out that the use of NanoWipers can reduce the consumption of washer fluid up to 70%, which at current prices of cosmetics car shows large economic benefits of our product. In the winter, the product allows for easy frost and snow removal from protected glass. Durability of NanoWiper is around 12 months or 20.000 km.



Xnano is a brand of impregnations, hydrophobization and cleaning agents for outdoor, sport and everyday clothing. Reliable and secure solutions for everyone. Xnano is a brand for those who need the highest quality products. Xnano has been created thanks to years of experience and practice of thousands of satisfied customers.

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